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Recapping Wise’s Unforgettable 2023 Client Events Calendar

As our clients begin to get ready for peak season, our 2023 event calendar draws to a close. Throughout the past year, we have experienced a year filled with exciting, adrenaline-raising and, most importantly, fun activities, hosting numerous fantastic events for our clients. Our extensive customer base comprises more than courier companies spread across the entire UK. We made it our priority to ensure that our events were conveniently located and accessible to all, considering the geographical diversity of our clientele.

What have we been up to this year?

Soaring to New Events - Indoor SkyDiving

We kicked off our 2023 event calendar with Indoor SkyDiving in Basingstoke and Milton Keynes. With the help of professional instructors, each client suited up in specially designed gear, ready to take on the wind tunnels. After the event, we treated our clients to dinner and drinks at Miller and Carter, where we indulged and celebrated the unforgettable memories made throughout the day.


Unleashing Boundless Fun - Limitless Adventure Centre

This year, we put a big focus on getting out on the road to create amazing events for our clients to experience across every region across the UK. For our second client event, we headed to Limitless Adventure Centre in Northern Ireland. The day consisted of a range of activities, including hovercraft, archery, football golf, and more!

Paint, Play and Bond - Paintballing

We hosted our third event on our doorstep at Delta Force Paintballing in Birmingham. It was an action-packed day filled with adrenaline-pumping fun and team-building camaraderie. Amid the colourful chaos, professional instructors guided our clients, ensuring a safe yet thrilling experience for everyone. As usual, we treated everyone to an evening meal and drinks to bring the day to a perfect close.


Epic Clash - Wise Employees vs Wise Clients Football Match ​

In our own unique Wise twist, the Armco Arena hosted an exhilarating football match between Wise Clients and Employees. It was a game full of competitive spirit, but as the final whistle blew, the scoreline displayed an astonishing 9-7 victory for Wise Clients. Both teams had given their all, leaving everything on the field. It was a testament to the competitive spirit and passion for football that united them, regardless of their roles as clients or employees.

The afternoon finished with a complimentary buffet with refreshments, with players celebrating the camaraderie they had developed through shared experience, and a man of the match was crowned (one of the clients, of course!)

Both teams 1

Swinging Success: The Annual Client Golf Event at The Belfry

Over 50 clients represented their respective delivery businesses and enjoyed a Golf Day at The Belfry Hotel & Resort as our guests on Friday, 16th June . The serious golfers among our guests enjoyed playing the prestigious Brabazon course. Meanwhile, the non-golfers enjoyed a day at the driving range with complimentary refreshments.


Teed up for Success - Client Golf Event at The Dalmahoy

Following the success of our golf event at The Belfry, which is now a permanent fixture in our yearly event calendar, we hosted our first-ever client event up North in Scotland! Like The Belfry, the event was a huge success; it was a day full of incredible golfing excellence amidst the breathtaking Scottish landscape! Our valued clients joined us for a day filled with friendly competition and unforgettable memories.


Stay tuned for our 2024 events!

We wish our clients a successful peak period, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store for our events calendar next year. To stay up to date with what’s next for Wise, sign up for our newsletter.

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