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Preparing for Peak with Effective Driver Onboarding

In the past year, many delivery firms have faced unprecedented demand. In today’s rapidly changing world, many courier companies not only have to face their usual peak season but also the boom in e-commerce overall as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The demand is here for the foreseeable future, and customer expectations are higher than ever when it comes to delivery services.

Managing peak season is more challenging than ever before, but with the right advanced planning; you can truly benefit from the opportunities presented and sail through peak with ease.

Streamlining driver documentation and compliance

To prepare for peak, it’s crucial to streamline the documentation that is collected, as well as the compliance procedures that are part of the driver onboarding process. Clear communication regarding necessary documents, such as right to work, driver licence, and background checks, should all be requested in advance. Implementing a digital driver onboarding platform can help automate the collection process, ensuring a faster and more efficient process.

Through Wise, delivery companies can configure their portal to ensure they are collecting all driver documents that their business requires. Not only this, but all submission and signing of documents is done digitally, reducing paperwork, increasing efficiency, and safeguarding against any compliance worries.

Place emphasis on driver retention and recruitment

Do you have enough self-employed drivers to keep up with the high demand at peak? 

This is potentially one of the most important aspects for any courier company to think about when preparing for peak season. Typically, in the logistics industry, driver retention is low, so there needs to be a well-thought-out plan to get the right number of efficient drivers.

With Wise,  you can offer your self-employed workforce driver perks that have typically never been readily available to drivers before – helping you stand out from the competition and keeping your driver turnover rates low during this peak period.

Wise can help you to offer your drivers perks, through the app such as Digital GP, 24/7 Mental Health Support, Discount Portal and a boost in their take-home pay.

Harnessing technology for self-employed drivers

Equipping drivers with the right technology can significantly enhance their on-the-job performance. Provide them with user-friendly mobile apps or navigation systems that optimises routes, offer real-time traffic updates, and facilitate seamless communication with teams in the depots. 

With the Wise Driver mobile app, delivery businesses can automate administrative tasks, including sending timely notifications to drivers regarding impending document expiration. The app’s digital capabilities enable drivers to conveniently upload documents from anywhere, ensuring their focus remains on delivering parcels to customers.

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Preparing for peak season and maximising driver performance requires a well-executed driver onboarding process. By streamlining digital documentation and compliance, placing emphasis on driver retention, and harnessing technology, courier businesses can effectively prepare for peak season.

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