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Prepare for peak

If you’ve ever worked in logistics, or particularly parcel delivery, you’ll know that there are a couple of months every year where demand and the need for organisation, pace and efficiency go through the roof – Peak Period!


Peak season, the two to three months leading up to Christmas, has previously been associated with stress and endless amounts of admin for business owners within the sector. However, in order to keep up with unprecedented demand in such a stressful time of year, many UK businesses are harnessing technology to improve their processes and maximise efficiency. 


As ecommerce customers expect much more from their shopping experience during peak periods, (such as free and fast delivery), those in the logistics industry who keep up to these consumer expectations will reap the benefits and grow exponentially. 


In this article, we will discuss the common challenges faced in peak season and how Wise can help alleviate these issues.

When is peak season?

Peak period begins much earlier than many think, customers begin shopping from as early as October, and demand continues until the new year.

Common peak season challenges

Customer demand and experiences 


  • Online customers expect to have their purchases right away and as a result, retailers and logistic companies face a huge burden to fulfil customer needs


Increased customer activity


  • During peak season, consumers purchase more goods than usual. According to the Office for National Statistics, online retail sales rose to 26.6% in December 2021. With increased consumer sales and revenue comes a more significant opportunity for profitability but courier companies who do not adjust their workflow and optimise operations face extreme uncertainty.

How can Wise help?

  1. Within the Wise platform you are able to onboard your drivers in less than 30 seconds, meaning you can get your drivers on the road delivering parcels faster than ever before!
  2. As your self-employed workforce expands to meet the demands of peak season, Wise provides specialist compliance advice and safeguarding from our expert consultants so you can continually remain assured and not expect any surprises from HMRC.
  3. The Wise platform provides you with a complete overview of your subcontractor pipeline, allowing you to improve communication with your drivers through being able to digitally share and store documentation.

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