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Pathways charity announcement

Homelessness is something that can affect a large number of the public when they have fallen on difficult times and can often lead to adverse physical and mental health. Pathways of Chesterfield are on a mission to eradicate homelessness and rough sleeping within their community and so we’re proud to support their amazing, heartfelt work. 

When someone becomes homeless or are facing the prospect of rough sleeping, Pathways of Chesterfield steps in providing a range of professional services, advice and support to people who are in great need.

So, who are Pathways of Chesterfield?

Pathways is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to prevent homelessness. Their mission is to eradicate rough sleeping in their community and to support those without a permanent home to obtain and maintain one.

What do they do?

Pathways have an extensive list of services that they provide to their clients, with housing support along with mental and wellbeing services being two of their most crucial components. They are also a place of social contact and shelter from which they can supply services such as food provision, emergency clothing and bedding if any of their clients require these. 


Behind closed doors, their support staff and resident nurse are trained with specialist knowledge to deliver an essential service of practical and valuable interventions at the correct time when their client is ready. It is these interventions that Pathways hope to be a beneficial catalyst for change and to help the user towards avoiding any homelessness issues moving forwards.


Pathways’ services are vital throughout the year, but their selfless services are even more important when winter arrives. As temperatures drop below zero, this freezing weather is extremely dangerous for the homeless, with people on the streets in winter being exposed to a range of related medical conditions such as frostbite and hypothermia which can have awful long-term impacts on people’s overall health.


It is evident to us how important Pathways’ services are, which is why we are delighted to become a partner of the charity.

What can a donation to Pathways do?

Your donation can make a difference, no matter how much the amount. Your donation can provide someone with a pair of socks (£5), a sleeping bag (£10) or even a tent (£25).

To find out much more detail about the amazing work the charity is doing within the community, or to get involved and donate, head to: 

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