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How Wise is helping to transform drivers self-employment experience

Wise is an onboarding and payments platform for self-employed drivers that helps manage their paperwork and increase their earning potential.

Earn faster

Through the Wise app, driver onboarding is streamlined! Allowing self-employed drivers to easily upload documents and evidences, read documents, and sign contracts all through the app, meaning courier drivers can get on the road faster than ever before.

Get paid on time

Wise offers drivers two optional products through its handy mobile app. By utilising the Wise Invoicing product, invoices are quickly and easily generated on the drivers’ behalf, helping to simplify the payment process and ensure reliability.


The Wise Invoicing & Securitax product, not only allows for invoices to be generated on drivers’ behalf but also utilises government schemes and incentives to boost earning potential.

Driver perks

All drivers that choose a Wise product have unlimited, free access to a discount portal within their app. Through the portal, drivers can save money at hundreds of high-street stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and more, helping to manage the rising cost of living!

Increased earning potential

At Wise, we work with a specialist accountancy firm that provides self-employed drivers with the very best tax advice. Eligible drivers are even able to boost their earning potential by up to £30 per week through the utilisation of government schemes and incentives – that’s £1,500 a year!

Are you a self-employed driver and interested in finding out more?

Head to our driver calculator to find out your personal earning potential boost through the Wise app!

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