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How to use the Wise App – A guide for subcontractors

Hi there, if you have been invited to download the Wise platform from your main contractor then you are in the right place. In this article, we will help guide you through the setup of your account and help you choose the best product to help save you time, money and stress.

What is the Wise platform?

Our mission statement is We Improve Self Employment for both subcontractors and main contractors. It’s in our name and everything we do. Learn more about the benefits for drivers by visiting this link.

What can you do?

From the Wise app, you will be able to manage your job applications, upload and sign documentation digitally, share key information with your main contractor and be introduced to essential products and services such as accountancy.

We also have driver benefits coming soon, so keep a lookout for some discounts! Did you know that the Wise invoicing and accountancy bundle saves drivers on average £30 per week?

How to use the Wise app – getting set up

1. Accept your invitation to the wise platform & sign up

If you haven’t already downloaded the wise app, click this link on your mobile device and it will take you where you need to go.

If you have downloaded the app, great! The first thing you’ll need to do is create an account. To do this you will need a username (this will be the email address you provided to your main contractor) and an access code (which can be found in your email inbox). If you have any issues at this stage, please check to make sure the email address you are using is the same as the one you provided to your main contractor.

2. Complete your account set-up

The next stage will require you to insert your personal information such as full name, D.O.B, national insurance number, UTR number and home address. We also ask you to upload a profile photo, as it helps your team identify you in the Wise platform.

Tip: Make sure all the images you upload and the pictures you take are clear. Uploading poor quality or incorrect images and documents can slow down the application process.

3. Upload key documents

The most important stage of pre-interview preparation is ensuring you have uploaded your key documents such as your driving license and right to work. Your evidence needs to be approved before you can begin to sign any documentation.

4. Signing your policies/documents

At this stage, you will be asked to sign policies from your Main Contractor, this is a mandatory part of your application, which won’t be able to become approved until these have been signed. Examples of policies and/or documents you could be asked to sign are: “Driver Handbook”, “Stop & Search Policy”, “Heavy Goods Safety” etc.

5. Toxicology test and background check

For the background check and toxicology test (if required as part of your onboarding process), you will be presented with a message saying you have no actions to take. Your DSP will take control of your application at this stage.

The toxicology report will be a piece of paper with your personal details on and includes information on which test (alcohol or drugs) you were tested on and most importantly, whether they came back positive or negative.

The background check will be a report which shows whether you have any criminal convictions etc. Most UK employers implement this as part of their recruiting process – so there is no need to worry!

6. Induction

The induction stage is left in the hands of your main contractor, who decides on the basis of all the other steps you were required to complete whether you have passed or failed.

7. Pick a product

Congratulations! You have successfully passed all your required tests and uploaded the correct details! You now have two products to choose between Wise invoicing or Wise invoicing and accountancy.

Wise invoicing – Wise invoicing gives you the option to raise invoices, receive weekly payments and receive payment amounts via text.

Wise invoicing and accountancy – With this bundle, you will receive everything from Wise invoicing plus, an appointed accountant, advice on tax and expenses, submit self-employment tax returns and administer quarterly VAT returns

Once you have chosen the product best suited to your needs, continue to the payment details page to ensure you will get paid!

To learn more about each product, please click here or call us on

01277 424423.

8. SLA

One of the final steps, instructs you to sign an SLA (Service-level agreement) – these will be Securitax terms and conditions as well as Wise terms and conditions.

Note: On occasion, your main contractor may need to update your SLA. Re-signing is easy, just go to your SLA in the wise app.

And that’s a wrap! If you have reached this stage, you should have successfully set up your account ready for your first day!

If you are experiencing any difficulties while setting up your account or have any questions, please contact your main contractor.

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