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How to stop drivers dropping off in the onboarding process

As a courier business owner, you will understand more than anyone how in-demand courier drivers are. That is just the nature of the logistics industry; there are hundreds of delivery firms recruiting at the same time, so it is extremely common for delivery drivers to go through several onboarding stages at once.

The question is, how do you stay competitive when drivers can easily work for the competition before they have even worked for you? Not all courier businesses can afford to simply inflate pay, especially in the current cost of living crisis.

The key is to optimise your onboarding process – which provides the perfect opportunity to engage with drivers when they show interest in working with you.


Nearly every driver will be attracted to a courier firm that can onboard them quickly, allowing them to earn money quickly. If the onboarding process takes too long, this is when drivers will begin to drop off.

An easy way to reduce the time between drivers applying and completing their onboarding is as simple as switching to a digital driver onboarding process if you haven’t already done so.


How you deliver your onboarding greatly impacts how effective it will be.

Delivering your onboarding via an app is becoming more common, as it keeps things short and to the point for drivers. There are many benefits to utilising apps for driver onboarding, such as:

  • Providing total flexibility,
  • Tailored to each individual
  • Courier businesses can onboard on a massive scale across various locations

Onboarding with the Wise Platform

Onboarding should be a quick and engaging process, delivered in an effective way for your drivers. Speed is crucial; drivers want to get out on the road earning as quickly as possible, so anything too long-winded and drivers will look elsewhere.

The Wise Platform enables courier businesses to onboard drivers in up to minutes, enabling drivers to start working in record-breaking time. Drivers are required to complete their onboarding using the Wise app, where they submit and sign all required documents requested by you.

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