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How to boost your driver recruitment and retention rates

If you’re struggling to recruit self-employed drivers or retain your current subcontractors, Wise can help!

Our entirely free workforce management system is already helping over 250 UK delivery businesses save time, money and stress when managing their self-employed workforce and this is having a massive impact on how they’re able to recruit and retain talent.

If you engage with a self-employed workforce, Wise’s easy-to-use platform can boost how you’re able to recruit subcontractors by:

  • Giving you the ability to onboard a driver in less than 30 seconds, getting your drivers out on the road earning money as quickly as possible
  • Boost your subcontractor’s take-home pay by up to £30 per week, at no extra cost to you or your business – helping you to improve your offering to potential new drivers
  • Giving your subcontractor workforce access to an extensive range of high-street discounts, allowing them to save money at dozens of major retailers

The above benefits available through Wise combine to improve the self-employment experience that main contractors can offer potential new drivers, getting a competitive advantage over rival businesses. If you’re interested in hearing more about how Wise can help you improve your driver recruitment and retention rates, book a FREE 30-min demo here.

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