The benefits for subcontractors with Wise.

Discover how the Wise app helps subcontractors save time, money and reduce stress.

We know that the world of self-employment is one full of variety, opportunity and of course, flexibility. We also know from thousands of self-employed people that it can be very stressful.

Here you can learn more about Wise, how we help you and the many other benefits of using the Wise app.

Wise provides 2 products and while both of these are optional, around 80% of our drivers choose one of these services due to the benefits they are eligible to receive.

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Save time

Streamlined onboarding

It's quicker and easier

With the wise app, you can upload documents, read policies and agreements and sign contracts meaning you could start earning in as little as 30 minutes.

Reduce stress

Employment status expertise

HMRC Protection

Collecting and storing documents, agreements and contracts provides you with additional HMRC protection. This reduced risk gives you peace of mind.

Boost income

Easy invoicing & accountancy

It's affordable

Not only can you get invoicing and accountancy services at a competitive rate, we can also help boost your income thanks to the flat rate VAT scheme. The more you earn the bigger your boost!

In the wise app you can:

  • Apply for work (accept roles)
  • Upload, read and sign required documents
  • Access invoicing, tax & accountancy services that could boost take-home pay
  • Get benefits and discounts  – COMING SOON
Since launching the Wise platform in April 2021, we’ve supported more than 250 UK businesses and over 50,000 self-employed subcontractors working within the logistics and last-mile delivery sector.

Who are Wise and what do we do?​

Wise is a tech company that strives to help protect and grow businesses in the self-employment sector through technology and services.


With compliance at the forefront of our mind, we’ve created a cross-platform system that modernises the way main contractors and subcontractors engage with one another, providing a better way of working whilst also offering an additional layer of HMRC protection.


Raising invoices & filing accounts. 

Recently, Wise conducted a national survey that revealed the most off-putting reason for being self employed, is handling their own finances and accounting.


Invoicing technology & Your own accountant.

With the Wise & Securitax product, you can manage your invoices and receive an appointed accountant. On average, drivers that select this product save £30 per week


Staying on the right side of the tax man

This is something everyone in the self-employment sector must consider to avoid any costly mistakes. Employment status laws are complex, and those new to self-employment are more likely to get caught out.


Employment status education & storage

Our self-employment status experts provide both you and your main contractor with information While our App stores all your documents, contracts and agreements. These can be amended at any time.


Lengthy onboarding processes & organisation

When joining a new main contractor, gathering all your documentation together can be a pain, and the process of submitting it for approval increases time further. Time that could be spent earning.


More control & for a quick and easy setup.

By giving you more control during the recruitment and onboarding process, you can now, upload evidence, read agreements & sign contracts. With Wise, the entire process can be done in thirty minutes!

We’re passionate about improving self-employment for every single person in this sector. Together with industry experts, we have built the Wise platform to alleviate the stresses that come with being your own boss. By making the most of this technology and our associated products, not only have we improved the onboarding experience making it easier for you to start earning but also, by allowing our trusted experts to handle your tax and accountancy, you can rest assured that you’ll avoid HMRC headaches and won’t have any nasty surprises at the year-end.”.

Still need answers?

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