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The great wise bake off

At Wise, we’re committed to supporting great causes within the community and we’re also quite a competitive bunch, so this Friday we decided to raise money for Breast Cancer UK by hosting our first-ever Great Wise Bake Off.

Breast Cancer UK is a heart-warming charity that is dedicated to tackling the terrible disease by raising money for expert research whilst also increasing awareness around the causes and impacts of breast cancer.

So, on Friday 8th October our talented team of amateur bakers from across the different Wise departments came in armed with everything from Millionaire Shortbread to Red Velvet Cake. All of this was to be judged anonymously by our chosen Three Wise Men panel of Dan Richards, Dan Watson and Dan Parkes.

With some amazing baked goods on show, the standard was set high but ultimately the winners for each category were chosen, with the Wise star baker being our very own Junior Software Engineer, Carl McIntosh!

This was an excellent opportunity to get the entire Wise team together, enjoy some delicious treats whilst also raising over £100 for a fantastic cause.

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