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Even More Benefits Of Being A Self-Employed Courier

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As a delivery business owner, we recognise the significance of maintaining a low turnover rate among your self-employed drivers.

At Wise, we constantly stay updated with the logistics industry and regularly introduce new perks designed to benefit courier businesses and their self-employed drivers.

Our goal is to provide valuable advantages that contribute to reducing turnover and enhancing the overall experience for both delivery businesses and their self-employed drivers.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve recently added more to our range of driver perks and our product offering, allowing all Wise drivers to now have access to Digital GP Services and 24/7 Mental Health Support.

Boosting driver loyalty through new perk range

Delivery business owners can offer their self-employed drivers access to a range of products and services to help them relieve the stresses that come with being self-employed and earn more in the process, all through the Wise app.

Here’s a full feature list that self-employed drivers can access with Wise:

Wise Wellness - 24/7 Mental Health Support - NEW 🎉

Due to the nature of the role, it’s easy for self-employed drivers to feel isolated while out on the road. It’s important to think about how this loneliness can take a toll on a driver’s mental health.

Wise has recently launched 24/7 Mental Health Support. This new addition means that self-employed drivers who use the Wise app have access to the following:

  1. Trained counsellors
  2. Unlimited* counselling sessions subject to assessment and recommendations
  3. Phone and face-to-face counselling
  4. Service is available to family and friends

Wise Wellness - Digital GP- NEW 🎉

As self-employed drivers are constantly on the go, Digital GP services are crucial in providing convenient and accessible healthcare solutions, allowing drivers to prioritise their well-being without disrupting their busy schedules or compromising their income.

Through the Wise driver app, self-employed drivers now have access to:

  • Peace of mind knowing they can book a doctor’s appointment in less than 30 minutes, with 24/7 on-demand GP access.
  • Prescribed medication costs are included in the service.
  • Medication is available for collection or can be sent next day delivery to a home or work address.
  • Fit notes and referral letters can be provided based on recommendations from an experienced doctor.

Boosted take-home with Wise

Having a regular income as a self-employed driver can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are several ways to help boost drivers’ take-home pay and maximise their income.

At Wise, we offer several products and services for drivers to choose from to help them manage their self-employment experience. Our Invoicing & Accountancy bundle helps drivers streamline their payment process and ensure reliable payments.

Our app generates invoices quickly and easily on their behalf, while our appointed accountants take care of all their invoicing and accountancy needs, including paperwork and tax returns. Our accountants can also help self-employed drivers earn more through government schemes and incentives, potentially boosting their income by £30 a week or £1,500 a year.  Additionally, our competitive rates and flat rate VAT scheme mean that the more drivers earn, the bigger their boost.

For drivers, finding ways to save money is key to maximising their income. One way to help them save money is by offering them access discounts.

The Wise Discount portal allows self-employed drivers to save money at hundreds of major retailers, supermarkets, restaurants, and more!

The Wise Platform is helping delivery businesses boost their self-employed driver retention rates by providing perks that aren’t typically available to the self-employment industry.

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