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Employee Spotlight – Jodie

Our last employee spotlight of the year is on Software Engineer, Jodie Watson.

Jodie Watson – Software Engineer

1. What is your role at Wise?

Software Engineer

2. What does your day-to-day work look like?

As a software engineer at Wise, my daily tasks comprise of pumping out quality front-end code and working collaboratively with fellow engineers to solve challenging problems. Some days we might even squeeze in a cheeky pub lunch and a game of pool!

3. What’s the culture like at Wise?

The culture at Wise is something you don’t come across every day, we are one big family and from the get go I was made to feel welcome into the team. Everyone is super supportive and I feel this is the most important aspect of our culture… After all no question should be a silly question!

4. Whats special about working at Wise?

What stands out the most about working at Wise is the generosity and encouragement to ensure the right work-life balance. They give us all the chance to look after ourselves and each other with a huge range of benefits and flexibility -they truly do care about our well-being.

5. How have you grown professionally since working at Wise?

I feel I have grown massively since working here over the past 16 months, it’s been a personal journey to become a better javascript developer and Wise have given me the tools to assist me on my journey. I can now confidently say I have become a reliable, mid-weight javascript engineer and each day I’m continuing to learn and grow.

6. What’s your favourite memory since working at Wise?

Here at Wise, we like to participate in a little healthy competition, and my favourite memory would have to be Angelo fulfilling his end of the bet. This forfeit meant that he had to sing Backstreet Boys to us all in the office, and that was a treat!

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