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Employee Spotlight – Joana

October’s employee spotlight is on our Compliance Executive, Joana Maria.

Joana Maria – Compliance Executive

What is your role at Wise?

Compliance Executive.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

My day-to-day work is based around meetings with clients where we discuss compliance matters. These clients share information about their business so I can build the contracts for their subcontractors who provide services on behalf of these companies. I try to help these companies reach their goals whilst remaining compliant and protecting their best interests by establishing a good relationship with their subcontractors.

What’s the culture like at Wise?

There is an amazing relationship within the team at Wise and since i’ve join i’ve been made to feel both welcome and valued. We are a modern company which allows you to be who you are and express yourself!

What’s special about working at Wise?

Working at Wise means that I have the support of my team and good leadership – this company tries to provide the best work-life balance to every employee, and I can be flexible with my work which is amazing.

How have you grown professionally since working at Wise?

I actually joined Wise whilst I was still completing my Law Degree. Being able to work with employment law and help private limited companies be compliant has helped me get to know this industry whilst allowing me to develop my professional and communication skills. I now feel much more confident in my role and I am grateful for working with such professionals who have provided me with so much training.

What’s your favourite memory since working at Wise?

My favourite memory so far at Wise would have to be is definitely the trips I’ve been able to make across the UK to meet with so many of our clients. After such difficult times due to COVID, being able to meet and speak to people in person feels great, and this is something i’m very grateful for. I also enjoy the socials and events with Wise, it feels great to get to know the people I work with even better outside of the office!

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