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Employee spotlight – Abby Harriman

November’s employee spotlight is on one of our Sales Development Representatives, Abby Harriman.

Abby Harriman – Sales Development Representative

1. What is your role at Wise?

I work as a Lead Generation Executive, and the main function of my role is to sell our free-to-use premium Wise platform and services to main contractors.

2. What does your day-to-day work look like?

My day-to-day work duties include searching for potential leads and qualifying them by ensuring they engage with a self-employed workforce. My main methods for this are through phone calls, meetings and research on Linkedin. After doing this, I discuss the various benefits of “Wise” with main contractors and offer them a 30-minute virtual demonstration of how the platform works.

3. What’s the culture like at Wise?

The culture at Wise is very friendly and welcoming. After arriving at the company as a graduate straight from University, I was nervous about entering the Sales world with little experience. Luckily, the team-player environment, and supportive managers, have allowed me to succeed in my role.

4. What’s special about working at Wise?

I think how supportive and friendly the culture is – I never feel afraid to ask questions and know that help is always there if I need it. The company genuinely cares about your well-being and ensures that you are happy in your role.

It also has a great social aspect – the monthly company socials ensure that you have fun with colleagues both inside and outside of work!

5. How have you grown professionally since working at Wise?

Starting at Wise back in July as a Politics graduate with little sales experience, I was naturally nervous about the challenges that come with the role. Luckily I have been supported by many great people so far in my journey. Advice from both my colleagues and managers in my one to ones have allowed my confidence to grow, and I never feel afraid to ask what may seem like “silly” questions.

6. What’s your favourite memory since working at Wise?

My favourite memory when working at Wise was the week when me and the team won our first main contractor deals after many weeks of training. It was rewarding to know that our hard work would lead towards these businesses’ growth, as well as allow them to retain a happier workforce. Not only this, but it was great seeing everyone in the Wise team happy, knowing our combined efforts had paid off.

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