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Becoming an Owner Driver Franchise with DPD

Working as an Owner Driver Franchise (ODF), you will be an individual driver providing collection and delivery services for DPD generally over a five day period, with the opportunity to choose the days most suitable to you. DPD operates 24/7, meaning there are plenty of chances for you to further enhance your income. 


In this article, you will learn more about the programme to help you decide whether becoming your own boss as a DPD ODF is right for you, as well as how to get started on the application process.

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Why become a DPD ODF?


  • If this is your first role in the logistics industry and you have no appropriate vehicle to use, DPD will offer you a full vehicle support package including servicing and general maintenance, fuel card and a 3.5t Mercedes Benz sprinter.
  • DPD also supplies its uniform free of charge, suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Once you have reached your 12-month benchmark at DPD, you will be given the opportunity to grow your business by having the option to take on extra routes.
  • You will have no worries about irregular work and earning patterns, their 5-year contracts are there to offer stability and peace of mind.

Is becoming an ODF a good investment for you?

DPD is giving people the chance to become their own boss whilst also working under the excellent reputation of their brand within the parcel delivery service industry.


More and more people are opting for this type of work owing to the high demand from the continuous growth of online shopping and e-commerce in the UK, leading to a huge volume of daily deliveries which need to go around the country. DPD offers low start-up costs helping people who choose to become an ODF with great earnings potential in the long run.


DPD is also aiming to make this line of work less scary for people who have no previous experience of running their own business. For instance, they are on hand to provide detailed training and constant support to new ODFs who may have queries relating to their setup and onboarding. 


Once your ODF is finally set up, you will be given the opportunity to increase your income and earn loyalty prizes by utilising DPD’s route planning technology. One example of this is that, for every 100,000 drops completed, ODFs are eligible for a supplementary bonus payment.

Establishing your ODF

  1. Deposit plans


To begin the setup process of becoming an ODF, an initial investment is required (estimated to be ranging from £1,300 to £2,300). Once this is completed, the rest of the application process can be completed.

  1. Apply


To become a DPD Owner Driver Franchise, head to their official website to register. You will need to complete the application by submitting your passport, driving licence and national insurance number.

Pros to becoming an ODF

  • You will earn income by completing both deliveries and collections
  • DPD provides an in-depth training programme and constant support, helping you to maximise their income
  • Whilst learning, DPD also offer financial support in certain circumstances
  • You will have the latest technology guiding you to each drop – their award-winning ‘predict’ service gives clients a one-hour delivery window, ensuring that every delivery is accurately mapped for you using the same technology
  • You will be paid regularly every month

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