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How the Wise app works: Wise Invoicing

For self-employed drivers, managing their own invoices can often become a challenging task. Beyond the demands of navigating roads and ensuring timely deliveries, the administrative burden of creating and managing invoices adds a layer of complexity to their responsibilities. These struggles can result in increased stress, potential errors in invoicing, and diverted focus from their primary job of driving. As a result, the need for an efficient and streamlined invoicing solution becomes paramount, allowing drivers to dedicate more of their energy to what they do best – providing reliable transportation services. Introducing Wise Wise is an all-in-one last-mile driver management platform that streamlines onboarding, compliance, and resource planning for UK logistic companies, while also offering accounting solutions and driver perks to self-employed drivers. We’re here to improve the self-employment experience for both courier businesses and self-employed drivers. For self-employed drivers, we do this by taking the hassle out of their invoicing and accountancy and also providing them driver perks – which is an industry first! Wise Invoicing By using the Wise Driver app, self-employed drivers have the option two pick between two products – Wise Invoicing & Wise Invoicing and the Accountancy Bundle. Wise Invoicing costs £12.50 per week; through this product, self-employed drivers receive: Raised Invoices – Drivers have invoices generated quickly and easily on their behalf, accessible through our app Administer weekly payments – Drivers working with a contractor who uses Wise will get paid on time every time Weekly text message – Drivers will receive weekly text messages alerting them that their invoices are ready to be viewed Driver Perks – Drivers can access digital GP services, 24/7 mental health support, van assist and a discounts portal at no extra cost For courier businesses Paying your self-employed drivers just got easier with the Wise Platform and Wise Driver app. You have total control over your payments. Within the platform, you can create, edit, hold, and manage payments for drivers in real-time before submitting them each week. Say goodbye to searching through emails and messy audit processes; with Wise, you can download all invoices from the system at the touch of a button. If you’re a courier business looking for a free driver management platform that allows you to streamline driver payments, get started here. For self-employed drivers In order to benefit from Wise’s products and services, the logistics company you are working for must use the Wise driver management platform. If you’re a self-employed driver looking for a cost-effective invoicing solution, refer your logistics company here and receive £100 * from us, just to say thanks!

The impact of 24/7 Mental Health Support for self-employed drivers

The challenges for self-employed drivers aren’t just navigating the roads and delivering parcels to customers. Many self-employed drivers face long hours on the road alone, pressure to ensure parcels are delivered on time, and the ups and downs of the self-employment industry, which can have a negative impact on their mental well-being. 24/7 mental health support is a game-changer for helping self-employed drivers feel supported and contributes to safer roads. Isolation For self-employed drivers, being out on the road all day can be extremely isolating. Limited human interaction can lead to feelings of loneliness. However, with 24/7 mental health support readily available, self-employed drivers can easily connect with trained professionals who understand and can help with their challenges. Providing drivers with the space to talk about how they feel – concerns or triumphs can be a powerful tool towards better mental wellbeing. Stress and anxiety out on the road The logistics industry is well known for being a high-stress environment. Delivery deadlines, traffic congestion, and natural unforeseen delays all contribute to stress and anxiety for self-employed drivers. With access to on-demand mental health support, drivers have all the tools they need to manage their emotions effectively. Stress management skills and relaxation techniques help drivers do their job with a clearer mind. Benefits for courier companies offering drivers mental health support Enhanced driver safety – Poor mental well-being of self-employed drivers directly impacts the safety of the roads.  Stressed and exhausted drivers are more likely to make errors, affecting their focus, attention span, and decision-making capability. By providing 24/7 mental health support, courier companies can contribute to safer roads by supporting drivers to manage their mental states and prevent any potential accidents caused by heightened emotions. Healthier work environment – Offering mental health support sends a strong message to both current self-employed drivers and potential self-employed drivers looking for a new role that their well-being is important. This driver perk fosters a positive work environment and understanding within the last-mile industry, breaking down the stigma around mental health issues. Boosted driver retention – The last-mile industry is notorious for having high driver turnover rates. Offering 24/7 mental health support creates a happy work environment, making self-employed more inclined to stay with a delivery business for the long term. Compliance and risk reduction – It is a must that courier companies follow strict regulations from carriers and HMRC; drivers with poor mental health can impact compliance with these regulations. By offering mental health support, companies help ensure their self-employed drivers are in the right state of mind to follow rules and  regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues or penalties. Wise’s 24/7 mental health support for self-employed drivers Wise is an all-in-one last-mile driver management platform that streamlines onboarding, compliance, and resource planning for UK logistic companies, while also offering accounting solutions and driver perks to self-employed drivers. By utilising the Wise Platform, courier companies can offer their self-employed drivers access to 24/7 mental health support at no extra cost to their business, helping to improve driver well-being, safety, and overall business success.

4 benefits of document management software in logistics

Document management systems (DMS) are essential for the logistics industry to streamline operations, reduce manual errors, increase efficiency, and, most importantly, ensure courier businesses comply with regulations. The logistics industry deals with vast amounts of driver documentation, including driving licenses, right to work, payment information, vehicle details, and more. A document management system helps keep all these documents in one central place, making them easily accessible and searchable. What is document management software? Document management software is how many companies use, manage, and store documents in their businesses. These documents can vary in format, such as PDFs, images, spreadsheets, and videos, to name a few.  Most document management software focuses on digital files, serving as a single source of truth for all company data. Benefits of document management software Saves time Storing physical documents requires space, filing equipment, and maintenance. Digital storage eliminates these costs, allowing businesses to repurpose office space for more productive uses. Improves workflow By digitising documents and moving them into an electronic workflow to be reviewed and stored, companies can also keep detailed audit trails for compliance requirements and streamline processes. Enhances security Digital document storage can offer robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and user authentication. This reduces the risk of unauthorised access, loss, or damage compared to physical documents.  The logistics industry also handles a lot of sensitive data about their drivers, such as medical tests, payroll information, insurance documents, etc, which needs to be stored securely for GDPR compliance. This information must be kept secure and accessible to only the appropriate people at the appropriate time. Easier retrieval ​​A business can drastically benefit from fast document retrieval speeds with modern document management systems. Documents are sorted according to specific variables, which makes it extremely convenient to search for and retrieve them. Document management software for courier companies Wise is an all-in-one last-mile driver management platform that helps UK logistics companies to streamline their onboarding, compliance, and resource planning. Within the Wise Platform, courier businesses can store driver documents by having drivers sign and submit documents and evidences via their Wise driver app. The Wise Platform can collect an unlimited number of official documents – meaning there are no upgrade costs if you need to use more storage. This means having free unlimited storage on the Wise Platforms allows you to keep all your important driver’s documents stored securely in one place. Not only this, but the Wise Platform configures these documents in a way which allows you to download and send audit packs quickly and easily. If you’re seeking a more secure approach to managing documents for your self-employed drivers, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our product specialists today.

Why is compliance important in the last-mile sector?

The last-mile sector, the final stretch of the supply chain, is the bridge that connects deliveries to eager consumers. With the explosive growth of e-commerce, this sector has become a dynamic hub of activity. Amid this evolution, compliance has emerged as a vital factor that needs to be taken with the utmost importance. To outline responsibilities and expectations of self-employed drivers For last-mile courier companies, having contracts in place with drivers and carefully following carrier and HMRC rules isn’t just a matter of ticking boxes—it’s essential to the success of any courier business. These contracts provide a structured framework that outlines responsibilities, expectations, and the legal relationship between the company and its self-employed drivers.  Also, embracing HMRC rules safeguards financial stability and reputation, minimising the risk of penalties and audits. To safeguard against legal complications Having correct and up-to-date driver documents securely stored is far more than an administrative task—it’s a shield against potential risks. Ensuring that licences, evidences, and other relevant paperwork are not only accurate but also readily accessible forms a protective barrier that reduces the chances of any issues arising. Compliance in this field translates to safety, as drivers with valid licences and the necessary documents are better equipped to navigate the roads responsibly. Furthermore, this safeguards against legal complications, preventing penalties that could arise from working with self-employed drivers without appropriate documentation. To prevent penalties from carriers or HMRC Maintaining vigilance over expiring evidences and documents is a necessity. This proactive approach prevents disruptions that could ripple across the delivery network. By ensuring that drivers’ documents are up-to-date and in good standing, courier companies prevent potential roadblocks that could arise from their carriers or HMRC. To build relationships Carriers play a pivotal role in executing last-mile deliveries efficiently. Complying with carrier regulations ensures a smooth partnership, as carriers often impose specific rules and requirements to work with them, ensuring safe deliveries. This often includes conducting background checks on drivers, confirming their right to work, and requesting that drivers present a valid driving licence, to name a few. Failing to uphold compliance can lead to a tarnished reputation for your courier business and strained relationships with carriers. Improve the compliance of your delivery business with Wise Wise is an all-in-one last-mile driver management platform that helps UK logistics companies to streamline their onboarding, compliance, and resource planning. Contract For Services Review Every time a new client joins us, our expert in-house compliance team conducts a Contract For Services Review, ensuring their delivery business and self-employed drivers are fully compliant. Within this review, our team either assists in making sure the current contract is compliant by providing valuable recommendations or provides a brand-new one tailored to the business’s needs. Expiring Notifications Through the Wise Portal, you can keep up to date with all driver documents, ensuring they are up to date and accurate.  When a driver’s evidence is close to expiring, you will receive a notification on your Wise dashboard alerting you. From here, you can request your driver to re-upload the latest document, removing the need for manual follow-ups and ensuring your drivers are working for your courier business following the correct compliance rules. Audit packs When you onboard drivers through Wise, they are required to submit all documents and evidences digitally, ensuring a seamless onboarding journey. Not only this, but the digital storage of driver documents in Wise means they are readily available with a click of a button to download into an audit pack should any carriers or HMRC request to see them. Looking to learn more? If you’re interested in learning more about how the Wise Platform can help ensure your courier business is operating compliantly, schedule a call here with our product experts.

Streamline your driver onboarding process with onboarding

Streamlining driver onboarding is crucial for courier companies to quickly integrate new self-employed drivers into their operations and ensure a seamless transition. Technology is instrumental in supporting this; it removes manual tasks, reduces paperwork, and enhances efficiency. The Wise Platform and driver mobile app have a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless onboarding experience for both delivery drivers and their courier company. By embracing technology, logistics companies can expedite the onboarding process, minimise errors, improve compliance, and ultimately set their self-employed drivers up for success from day one. How do you streamline your driver onboarding process with Wise ? Simplified Driver Document Collection Ready-made driver onboarding streamlines the collection and verification of driver documents, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. The Wise platform allows drivers to securely upload the documents their delivery business requires, such as licences, right to work, toxicology checks, etc, digitally. This digitised process reduces administrative burden and minimises the chances of errors or missing documents. Ready-made onboarding offers customisable onboarding for delivery businesses Through Wise, delivery businesses are able to tailor the driver’s onboarding journey to their specific requirements. Defining the steps, tasks, documents, and evidences in the onboarding process ensures a consistent and structured approach for every new driver. The Wise platform guides drivers through each stage, providing clear instructions and facilitating a smooth onboarding experience. Enhanced Communication with self-employed drivers Effective communication is vital during the onboarding process of new self-employed drivers. Ready Onboarding provides a centralised platform for seamless communication with delivery drivers. Delivery business owners can easily notify drivers if their documents are about to expire, leaving them with enough time to update their profile and remain out on the road delivering parcels. Offer Driver Perks Driver perks play a significant role in supporting the driver onboarding process. By offering attractive incentives, courier companies can attract and retain top drivers more effectively. Ready Onboarding allows logistics businesses to seamlessly integrate driver perks into the onboarding process, ensuring that drivers feel valued and motivated from the start. The Wise Platform offers excellent driver perks, helping courier companies create a comprehensive and enticing package that sets the foundation for a successful onboarding process and fosters a motivated and engaged driver workforce. Focus on Compliance Instead of dealing with excess amounts of paperwork and manual document management, courier companies can leverage the secure and centralised Wise portal to collect, organise, and store all necessary driver documents digitally. This eliminates the need for physical document handling, reduces administrative burden, and minimises the chances of errors or missing documents. With all driver documents readily accessible and securely stored in one place, the onboarding process becomes more efficient and seamless, providing peace of mind from a compliance perspective. Looking to learn more about Wise? Head to our contact page and a Wise expert will be in touch with you shortly.

Employee Spotlight – Gavin

September’s Employee Spotlight is on our VAT Manager, Gavin Bhangal. Bit about you Competitive, determined, and easygoing. A chartered accountant who worked in practice for 10 years before taking the leap into the tech world. Also, a Manchester United Fan! What is your job title at Wise? VAT Manager   What does that involve? Managing the Tax elements of our new product Beamin’, which includes registering customers for VAT and self-assessment, working with the developers and product owners to ensure that the systems in place are accurate and effective and dealing with any technical VAT queries, both internal and external. What do you enjoy most about working here, and what motivated you to excel in your role? Enjoy being able to contribute to and have an influence on the success of our new product, Beamin’. The friendly environment at Wise has made settling in very easy, and the team are always willing to help. I am grateful for the approachable nature of senior management, as I feel like my ideas are heard, which adds to my motivation to ensure that we deliver the best possible product and service to our customers. What’s your favourite memory since working at Wise? Trying to do a good deed by watering the plants and making a mess everywhere!

Preparing new delivery drivers for the Christmas Rush

The Christmas season brings with it a surge in demand for deliveries, making it a crucial time for logistics companies. To ensure smooth operations during the Christmas rush, preparing new drivers becomes paramount. Thorough Driver Training and Orientation Once drivers have completed their onboarding, it is important that they receive comprehensive training and orientation sessions. Cover essential topics such as policies, safety procedures, route planning, and service expectations. Familiarise them with the challenges they may encounter during the Christmas rush, including increased traffic, tight deadlines, and high parcel volumes. Emphasise the importance of attention to detail, time management, and adaptability. Specialise delivery route training During peak season, delivery routes may become more complex and time-sensitive. Provide specialised route training to familiarise new self-employed drivers with the areas they will be servicing. Highlight critical delivery points, potential traffic bottlenecks, and alternate routes to ensure they can adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Utilise mapping tools and GPS technology to optimise route planning, enabling drivers to maximise efficiency and meet delivery deadlines. Effective Driver Communication Establish clear lines of communication to keep new delivery drivers informed and supported. Provide them with reliable communication tools, such as mobile devices. Regularly share updates on changing delivery schedules, weather conditions, and any operational adjustments. Encourage open communication, allowing drivers to report issues or seek guidance promptly. Ensure Drivers Provide Exceptional Delivery Service The Christmas season is a time when exceptional customer service becomes even more critical. Train new self-employed drivers on the importance of professionalism, courteousness, and responsiveness when interacting with customers. Emphasise the significance of accurate order tracking, secure handling of packages, and timely delivery. Encourage drivers to go the extra mile to create positive experiences, as happy customers during the Christmas rush can become loyal customers year-round. Take into Consideration Driver’s Wellbeing The peak season is known to be demanding, both physically and mentally. Educate new delivery drivers about stress management techniques, the importance of rest breaks, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and offer them driver perk. Encourage drivers to prioritise their well-being and seek support when needed. By promoting a supportive and caring environment, you can help new drivers navigate the challenges of the season while maintaining their motivation and performance levels. As well as all of the above, it is crucial that new are onboarded promptly and accurately to keep up with the demands. With the Wise Platform, drivers can be onboarded in up to thirty minutes, providing a whole suite of benefits. Streamlined Driver Onboarding Process The Wise platform streamlines the process of uploading and organising driver documents and utilises e-signatures for seamlessly onboarding delivery drivers. The advanced Wise System offers a vast, customisable library of documents to suit the needs and requirements of your courier business. Furthermore, if an incorrect document is uploaded during the driver onboarding process, rectifying the situation is easy by re-uploading the correct document. Our platform ensures drivers are notified in a timely manner when their evidence is nearing expiration, enabling them to stay informed and take necessary action. Due to the nature of the Wise Portal being a digital platform, this means you can get drivers onboarded faster than ever – without them needing to be sitting in front of you. Offer a Driver Perks Package Attracting and retaining self-employed drivers greatly relies on offering competitive perks. At Wise, we recognise the historical challenges of providing delivery drivers with the perks they deserve, but we’ve changed that! Through the Wise driver app self-employed drivers can access a multitude of perks, such as: Digital GP 24/7 Mental Health Support Discount Portal Boosted take-home pay Onboard new drivers for Christmas easier with Wise Preparing new delivery drivers for the Christmas rush is vital for logistics companies to deliver exceptional service during the busiest time of the year. By providing thorough training, specialised route guidance, effective communication channels, customer service training, and emphasising well-being, businesses can set their drivers up for success. With the help of the Wise Platform, courier businesses will be well equipped to get new drivers out on the roads in time for peak faster than ever. To learn more about the Wise Platform, speak to one of our product experts here.

Employee Spotlight – Adina Bogdan

Welcome back to another instalment of our “Wise Spotlight” blog series. Our featured Wise employee is Adina Bogdan, Delivery Manager. What is your job title at Wise? I’m a Delivery Manager at Wise. What does that involve? I work within the Product area, and my job involves helping development teams plan, organise and deliver high-quality features to our customers. What do you enjoy most about working here, and what motivated you to excel in your role? The people are the best part of working at Wise! I work with very talented individuals who inspire me every day. My main motivation is to help the team achieve excellent results. What’s your favourite memory since working at Wise? My favourite memory is having the first customer sign up for the first product I started working on at Wise. That was a great day! Careers at Wise If you are interested in learning more about a career at Wise, visit our careers page to learn more.