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Attract new subcontractors with Wise

We currently support over 250 UK last-mile delivery companies, so we know just how difficult it is to find self-employed drivers in the current climate. However, if you’re struggling to recruit new subcontractor drivers, Wise is here to help.

By using the FREE Wise platform, you will be able to offer your incoming subcontractors:

Quick & simple onboarding in as little as 30 minutes

You can add new drivers to the system within seconds – allowing you to create a more efficient recruitment process and get drivers out delivering parcels more quickly. Within the Wise subcontractor app, your incoming drivers will upload all evidences and electronically sign their contract electronically, with all documents stored digitally.

As the main contractor, you will also have a clear overview of your subcontractor pipeline, allowing you to see any approaching interviews and progress made by applicants on the Wise platform.

Maximised subcontractor take-home pay with the very best accounting advice

The Wise Invoicing & Securitax Accountancy Bundle is available for drivers for as little as £15.00 per week. With this product, your subcontractors will receive the following services:

  • All invoices will be prepared on their behalf
  • Securitax will set you up with HMRC and request your UTR number
  • Securitax will advise you on which expense you can claim to reduce your taxable income
  • Securitax registers you for VAT enabling you to increase your income
  • Securitax completes all your VAT paperwork
  • Securitax completes your quarterly and end-of-year tax return
  • Receive expert advice on how to increase take-home pay by £30 per week

By joining Wise, your business is able to offer all of these benefits to potential incoming subcontractors, meaning that they’re able to save time, money and stress. All of this combines to create a more compelling self-employment offer.

Access to a range of amazing discounts

Recently, we launched the new Discounts feature, enabling your drivers to have access to a range of discounts at high-street stores, coffee shops, restaurants and much more – all at no extra cost to them or you!

Coming soon: Fuel Cards / Death Disability / Accident & Sickness Cover

By partnering with Wise, you will be able to combine all of these extra factors to make your business stand out from the competition whilst recruiting new drivers. On top of this, by bringing all of these benefits to your current driver workforce, you can increase your retention rates at the same time!

If you are interested in finding out how Wise can save you and your self-employed workforce time, money and stress, book in for a demo of the system here.

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