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5 top job boards to recruit courier drivers in 2023

Recruiting talented and reliable self-employed courier drivers is crucial for the success of any logistics or delivery business. In today’s digital world, online job boards have become essential platforms for connecting with potential candidates. With several options available, it can be confusing to determine the best tools to use to find new delivery drivers.

Types of job boards for self-employed drivers


Indeed has been around for nearly 10 years and is recognised as one of the leading online job boards. The website holds an impressive database of job seekers, making it an excellent resource for delivery businesses to find courier drivers. Indeed offers advanced filtering options, allowing courier companies to narrow down their search based on location, experience, and any other relevant criteria.


  • Extensive reach: Indeed is one of the largest job search platforms. Its vast user base increases the likelihood of finding qualified candidates for various roles, including courier drivers.


  • Limited job visibility: While posting job listings on Indeed is free, delivery owners can also choose to boost their visibility by sponsoring their job postings. This can involve additional costs which isn’t ideal  for companies with limited recruitment budgets.


Glassdoor, mainly known for its company reviews and salary information, has evolved into a comprehensive job board. This platform attracts job seekers who value transparency and want to research potential companies before applying. Posting courier driver positions on Glassdoor ensures your job listing reaches candidates who are not only interested in the role but also keen to learn about the working environment and company culture. This can contribute to attracting self-employed drivers who are an excellent fit for your delivery company.


  • Company branding – Glassdoor allows delivery owners to create unique company profiles where they can showcase their courier brand, values and achievements. This feature enables delivery firms to enhance their brand and attract the top talent of self-employed drivers.


  • Limited reach – While Glassdoor is an extremely popular platform, it may not have the same reach as larger online job boards. Delivery business owners should consider using multiple platforms to maximse their visibility to potential courier driver candidates.


SimplyHired is another notable online job board that connects those recruiting new individuals with those seeking a new role in various industries, including logistics and delivery. It collects job listings from multiple sources, making it a convenient platform for delivery business owners to find new self-employed courier drivers. SimplyHired offers advanced search options, allowing delivery firms to narrow down the search based on location and experience. With this platform, delivery owners can post job advertisements and access a large talent pool of drivers seeking new roles.


  • User-friendly interface – SimplyHired offers a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy for courier business owners to navigate and post job adverts. The platform also provides robust search filters, allowing recruiters to refine their search based on location, experience and other criterial relevant to self-employed delivery driver roles.


  • Quality of job adverts – As SimplyHired collects job listings from multiple sources, the quality of job adverts may vary. Some may be outdated or lack detailed information, requiring delivery businesses to review and verify each listing carefully.


ZipRecruiter is known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive job-matching algorithms. It simplifies the hiring process by automatically distributing job postings to various job boards, saving courier business owners valuable time. For courier driver recruitment, ZipRecruiter allows delivery firms to create compelling job descriptions and leverage its vast network of job seekers. It also provides access to a pool of qualified self-employed drivers, the ability to review  CVs and communicate directly with potential drivers.


  • Job Alerts: ZipRecruiter offers a job alert feature that notifies job seekers when new positions matching their criteria are posted. This helps delivery firms attract active job seekers who are actively looking for courier driver opportunities.


ZipRecruiter operates in a highly competitive job search market, where delivery businesses may need to optimise their job listings and courier branding efforts to stand out among other companies looking for talented courier drivers.

CV Library

CV-Library is a popular job site known for its extensive CV database and wide range of job opportunities. It features a dedicated section for courier and delivery driver roles, allowing delivery businesses to connect with suitable candidates efficiently. With its advanced search filters, courier owners can refine their search based on location, experience, and qualifications. CV-Library also offers additional recruitment tools such as job alerts, applicant tracking, and company branding options.


  • Industry-specific focus – CV-Library specialises in job listing and CV databases, with a focus on the UK job market. This industry-specific approach ensures that delivery firms can target their recruitment efforts specifically in the delivery driver sector, increasing the relevance of the candidate pool.


Reliance on activity: CV-Library candidate matching algorithms and job alerts are dependent on courier drivers actively using the platform and keeping their profiles updated. This reliance on candidate active may result in fewer potential matches if potential delivery drivers are not actively using the platform.

To recruit the very best in the UK, it is crucial to utilise online job boards that cater specifically to the transportation industry and provide tailored features for you as a delivery business owner. Platforms such as Indeed, Glassdoor, SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter and CV-Library offer a range of tools and resources to streamline the recruitment process and connect businesses with skilled efficiently. By focusing on these job sites, companies can increase their chances of finding qualified and reliable professionals to meet the growing demand for courier services

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